Top 10 Most Transformational CLEAN Practices

08.03.21 07:48 AM Comment(s) By Awakened Body

Can I Join the Seasonal Cleanse if I Don't Want to do CLEAN?

Awakened Body cleanses draw on the 21-day CLEAN program because it is designed by a cardiologist, backed by rigorous science, transformational and profoundly healing. However, full participation in the CLEAN program requires your time and attention. If you are committed to this Seasonal Cleanse but don't have the bandwidth for CLEAN right now, here are the Top 10 Most Transformational CLEAN practices to choose from, in addition to the spiritual aspects of your Seasonal Cleanse.

  1. Only eat when the sun is shining. 
  2. Start your day with a mindful glass of water, like this (watch video). Keep drinking clear liquids such that you pee every hour.
  3. Have your first bite of food mindfully, like this (watch video).
  4. Eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables.
  5. Try juicing (purchasing cold pressed juices from your local health food store or investing in a juice) and/or replace hot beverages with fresh herbal tea, like this (watch video).
  6. Tackle one food addiction: We all have food addictions whether we know it or not. During your Seasonal Cleanse, try giving up: Alcohol, nicotine, marajuana, caffeine, refined sugar, processed foods, gluten or dairy. Here's a video about facing food addictions on your Seasonal Cleanse. 
  7. Give up packaged foods. Eat only local, fresh food.
  8. Take on a medicinal food practice like eating a raw clove of garlic or drinking two tablespoons of fresh Olive oil daily.
  9. Stick with the CLEAN elimination diet, rather than transitioning two two liquid meals plus one solid meal each day.
  10. Do CLEAN for 7 or 14 days, rather than 21 days.
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