Waking Up into Your Awakened Body

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February 11, 2022

Good morning. I’m Sara from Awakened Body. Let’s wake up together now into our Awakened Bodies. Today is Friday, February, 11th. It is the 10th of the first Adar on the Hebrew calendar. 

We are making our way towards the full moon shining in the night sky and we are ready to start this day from a place place of breath, of spaciousness, of awareness, to walk in the Awakened Body. 

Let’s get started.

Part 1: 10 Breaths in Gratitude

Let’s sit just as tall and proud as these beautiful blooming flowers and let’s take a deep breath in and expand as we watch them expand.

Feel the collarbone extend. If it’s helpful, you can shrug the shoulders up to the ears if you need and drop them down the back dropping immediately into the body. Locating the awareness in the body as we arrive and invite our sense of gratitude to arise. 

This is a 10-minute, 30 breath morning meditation practice: 10 breaths in gratitude, 10 breaths of a body scan and 10 breaths to set your intentions for today.

So we’re breathing now in gratitude. Each inhale allowing the awareness to dwell on one specific wonderful blessing that you are waking up to today/

If you don’t know where to begin with your gratitudes, the body is always one possible place to begin, even if it’s holding aches and pains. We’ll give our attention to those in the body scan. Regardless, the body is still the seat of so much blessing. For example, our ability to perceive the world through our senses and our ability to touch those we love are blessings. There is always something to be grateful for, even side by side with pain and struggle.

Part 2: 10-Breath Body Scan

As we’re ready, let’s root downwards and upwards. The Tree of Life is symmetrical it’s planted both in source and in the physicality, of divinity manifest in matter, roots sinking down, roots extending up. Let’s bring our attention to the part of ourselves that has never left source, the part of ourselves that is of the One. 

From that place, that we can draw down healing white light. Visualize the opening of the crown, keter, the fontanelle, and visualize divine white light, inclusive of every color, encompassing the potential for matter and manifest reality just pouring into the vessel that is you. We use this light to scan the body, allowing each piece of the physical you to be kissed by the pure white light of God. This is in and of itself a healing act. 

We let the light be the light of awareness and as it rests on each part of our body.

We make space for that piece of us to tell its story

What are the parts of you holding for you today as your body does the sacred work of metabolizing your life? It holds your desires and memories, experiences the interactions of yesterday in this past month and this lifetime stored within the cells of the majestic thing that is your Awakened Body.

If you have the time today you always have the option to extend your body scan, to give yourself as long as you need. This morning practice that we do in 10-minutes is beautifully done over the course of an hour as well. When you have the time as a piece of you asks for your attention so just breathe fully with that part of you and let it tell you its story. If you don’t have that time today then let’s let that light root us into manifest reality into the weightiness of our bodies, into the truth of our physicality that though we have souls that are as expansive as source, here we are in this here and now and thank God for that!

Part 3: Prayer or Intention Setting

As the part of us that is soul celebrates its interpenetration with the part of us that is body, it is from that celebration that we let our intentions for this day arise what do you need today to feel vitally alive

What do you need to live your purpose?

What will make this day feel for you like a blessing?

Give yourself this these breaths to ask for those things breathing into your prayers.

Let your prayers be your intention for today

Before we exit practice, I want you to tag your intentions. Give them a title so that you can recall them perhaps making a note of them in a place that you can easily come back to later today and before you go to sleep tonight. Perhaps the intentions you set right now will become your gratitudes this evening.

Have a beautiful day. Blessings on your way.

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