Earth Day 2021

22.04.21 10:22 AM Comment(s) By Awakened Body

To walk in the Awakened Body is to feel the rhythms of the earth.

The Hebrew Bible offers two origin stories for humanity. The second is a vision of paradise, the Garden of Eden, in which earthlings brought to life by Divine breath are called to be tenders of the garden. However, in the first, the humans, made in the Image of the Almighty, are tasked with conquering and subduing the natural world.  

In these two myths, we find our waywardness and our redemption, the source of our suffering and its salve. 

Indigenous peoples have long known that we human beings are of the earth, beholden to the earth and custodians of the earth. What is commonly called pagan is more aptly described thus. We are earthlings, as the Hebrew Bible instructs, "adam (meaning person in Hebrew), taken from the adama (meaning earth in Hebrew)."


Whereas the Hebrew Bible does much to save humanity when it offers us the notion of holy rest, the sabbath, the profound insight that balance is cultivated through sacred cessation, it nearly destroys us when it tells the lie that the earth is in need of our dominion and is ours for our use. The earth has no need for us at all, other than to stop destroying Her. If there is anything for certain in this world it is that She will outlast us all.

On this Earth Day, standing in the shadow of global pandemic, open your eyes and see, Mother Earth needs our attention, our care, and our hands. We must stop destroying the planet. We must begin now to work everyday, for its healing.

To walk in the Awakened Body is to know:

  • Our bodies are microcosms of the earth. The pH of our tears matches the pH of the oceans. Both our bodies and the earth are made up primarily of Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.
  • When we breathe, we exist in symbiotic balance with trees, in an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. 
  • We are only alive thanks to the miraculous ability of plants to transform sunlight into sweetness, through photosynthesis.
  • We are of the dust of the earth and to the dust we will return. Our brief tenure as conscious beings is but an instant in the time scape of the earth.

On this Earth Day, plant a tree. Commit to tending a home garden. Watch activist Greta Thunburg's call to action below and commit to living as a custodian of the earth. 

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