Waking Up Into Your Awakened Body

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February 9, 2022

Let's wake up now together into our Awakened Body. This is a simple 10-minute, 30-breath morning practice to start your day with spaciousness, with intention and to prime you for doing the work of walking in the Awakened Body. Today is Wednesday February 9th. I am seeing the buds of spring outside my window. Drop a note in the comments let us know what it feels like where you are. Let's settle in in our practice space and let's get started.

Take a look at this beautiful blooming pink rose and let that sense that feeling of opening be your inspiration as you drop in. The primary visual metaphor that we use at Awakened Body is that of the Tree of Life and the more that I walk with this metaphor the more I feel how right it is; that we are just like the trees on an energetic level and that we have so much to learn from a tree's way of being in the world. The term "Tree of Life" of course refers to the Kabbalistic energetic map of the body the ten sephirot that root us deep within the earth plane and the realities of matter, and stretch us well beyond the physical into the heavens and in to the parts of reality that are all one. 

Let's settle in now. You always want to take your first three breaths to arrive. Inhale deeply and let the spine grow long and exhale. For the first exhale, let's open the mouth drop the draw a little bit of sound. Exhale out the mouth for a cleansing release. If you're feeling really sluggish, tight or some emotional residue from a turbulent night's sleep or from the day before, you might want to take a few of these cleansing release breaths As you are ready, move into your first ten breath cycle, ten breaths in gratitude.  You want to let the body be a clean open canvas such that a simple gentle awareness of the small blessings that you are reawakening to today can fill your awareness.

Each inhale invites a concrete awareness of something you're grateful for.  Even if you're choosing to start your day with meditation you can always make a note of these gratitudes in your Awakened Body Daily Practice Journal so you have a record of it. 

Ten breaths you should be feeling long tall spaciousness you want to root now those upper roots into the heavens. Open the fontanelle, the crown chakra and invite the pure white light of divinity to pour into the body.

We're going to use this white light to do a gentle body scan, so cast the light over the tip top of you and use it to direct your awareness as you scan the body from the crown down to the tips of the toes, piece by piece just checking in with how you're feeling today.

What we're looking for here is areas of resistance to the light. When we no longer carry any resistance to the light of God, the unified reality of all that exists, we will no longer take up shape on the earth plane. But we're here, you and me and every single one of us, we are here because of our areas of resistance to the light. That's why we start our day just by taking that temperature, finding, honoring, bowing before, asking for help with
the areas of tightness the body in our energetic selves.

In the most organic way possible, sometimes the body scan itself can just give way to the third portion of our morning practice --ten breaths setting your intentions for this day or ten breaths in prayer. Now, prayer and intentions might sound different but when you are moving through your life from a place of self-acceptance, faith and self-love, there isn't much in space between them.

For these last 10 breaths, call in what you most want and need for today. Some mornings you just want to breathe the essence of the thing. Some mornings we might choose to whisper our prayers. You can always continue and give yourself more space with that in a journaling practice if it feels good and right, if it feels necessary you can take a hand and lay it on an area of tightness and ask for help with that resistance to the light, or with metabolizing whatever it is that your body is holding for you there, whether it is a little piece of wounding or trauma or story. Asking for whatever it is you need today and finish together with two really expansive breaths root down into the earth and inhale deeply and feel yourself growing tall and long feel the upper sphero to drawing upwards out beyond the terrain of the physical body exhale feeling your own spaciousness.

Have a beautiful day. 

Blessings on your way
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