Waking Up into Your Awakened Body

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February 17, 2022

Today is Thursday February 17th, the 16th of the first Adar on the Hebrew calendar and we are here to wake up together into our Awakened Bodies. This is a 10-minute 30 breath morning practice: 10 breaths in gratitude, 10 breaths for a body scan and 10 breaths setting your intentions for today. 

I am so excited that spring is right around the bend and that there is a community coming together to cleanse this spring. At Awakened Body, we do seasonal cleanses and there is something especially natural about cleansing in the spring —  hence the the phrase spring cleaning. This is a 40-day journey of personal transformation and rebirth, a reboot for mind, body, spirit. Some folks will choose to cleanse starting at the beginning of March, aligned with the cycle that corresponds with the 40 days of Lent, as Lent is a 40-day cleansing practice.Others will choose to hold off and cleanse aligned with the Counting of the Omer which is part of the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition. I want to plant the seed and encourage you to join us for that process if you need a reboot. It is the way to go deeper with us here at Awakened Body. 

Let’s get started with today’s practice

Part I: 10 Breaths in Gratitude

I am joining you here from my home altar, the practice space where I come to meditate. I have visual cues around me to help me drop in and I’ve done a little bit of homework to figure out the right way for me to sit so that I can feel sturdy in my body. I want my spine to be long, a gentle s-curve supporting the weight of my head. I want to encourage you to do that same work too, to meet me here from your practice space as well. While you can certainly do this morning practice from your car for example, before you get out of the car to go to work — if you still are type of person who drives to work —  but it is better to do it in a space that is dedicated to your practice. 

Let’s get started. Always give yourself your first three breaths just to arrive, to immediately bring the fullness of your attention to the feeling of the breath entering and leaving the body. Take a deep breath in through the nose and take your first one or two exhales out the mouth. Open the mouth, drop the jaw, generating a little bit of sound to release

Deep breathing is a practice of release. The mistake we make as human beings that our other mammal cousins in the animal kingdom do not make is that we interfere with our bodies release practices. We use our big brains to get in our own way. For that reason, we start with release.

As you are ready, inhale to lengthen. Feel the spine grow long. Feel the collarbone expand.

Plant your upper roots stretching upwards beyond the expanse of your physical body and exhale, pouring your weight down, rooting into the earth.

Imagine yourself here suspended between heave and earth, the ladder, a tree of life connecting the two. Next inhale, open the heart and invite your sense of gratitude to arise.

If you’re ever feeling particularly stuck when you are starting your day, you can always use a mantra if gratitude just cannot come/

I use the Hebrew phrase “Modah ani”

You might just use “thank you.”

Each inhale, “thank you for that moment.”

“Thank you for that opportunity.”

“”Thank you for that hug.”

“Thank you."

Part II: 10-Breath Body Scan

As we’re ready, we’ll open our energetic portal at our crown and invite source energy to flow in. In the Kabbalistic energetic mapping of the body known as the Tree of Life and the Hindu chakra system share a common feature of three primary energetic pillars: the right which is the active principle, the sun side, the left which is the receptive principle, the mood side, and now we are opening the center of portal, the Shashumna Nadi, and inviting source energy to fill us.

You can always just take ten breaths, feeling that source energy pour in flowing through your center line, and you acting as the transmitter to send that energy into the earth.

This is our energetic function as human beings. We use this source energy in this morning practice to help us to see our bodies. These 10 breaths is a chance, without judgment or preference, just to notice “what is my body holding for me today?” Notice what are the parts of you that drink up this source energy eagerly, where receiving love and healing is natural there and what are the parts of you that are tighter, that have resistance to that light?

As you notice an area of tightness, you want to just tag it and ideally make a note of it after practice either in your  Awakened Body Daily Practice Journal  or simply on the notes app on your phone so that you can come back to it and see how this day is helping you to churn this tightness.

Part III: 10-Breath Prayer or Visioning

Let’s move now into our last 10 breaths together, setting intentions for today.

How are you growing today?

How might you ask for help in growing today?

You might just let the hands rest on the heart for this last ten breaths my bow the forehead the chain a little bit taking up that posture of humility, of surrender as you chart your course for today.

Let’s take our last breath together. Let’s do an exhale of release open the mouth drop the jaw spread the palms wide. Now, together we take the last inhale, extend the palms up up up up as you inhale. Let them come to touch. Press them together. Feel those two energy centers at the centers of the palm kiss and then open the eyes, curl the corners of the mouth upward.

It’s going to be a good day blessings on your way.

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