Waking Up into Your Awakened Body on February 10, 2022

10.02.22 10:40 AM Comment(s) By Awakened Body

A 10-minute, 30-breath morning practice

I am so grateful to be able to be here starting this day with you. This is a 10 minute 30 breath morning practice.

Today is February 10, 2022. It’s the 9th of the First Adar. We track at Awakened Body using the Hebrew calendar for two reasons. The first is that the primary energetic mapping that we use at Awakened Body is sourced in Kabbalah, from the jewish faith tradition and the Hebrew calendar is the calendar of that tradition. The second reason is that the Hebrew or Jewish calendar is a solar-lunar calendar. Whereas the Muslim calendar is only lunar, tracking days with the cycles of the moon, and the secular Gregorian calendar is only solar working, on a 365-day annual year, the Hebrew calendar is a combined lunar-solar calendar, so that holidays stay aligned with the seasons but the days are counted with the moon. There is great power in that.

There is something really special especially right now in 2022, as we’re just slogging along in this time of global pandemic and climate calamity and cosmic rebirthing that is happening right now, there’s something really beautiful about the fact that we are getting an extra Adar. The Hebrew month of Adar in the kabbalistic tradition is dedicated to joyfulness. So, we’re getting an extra dose of joyfulness or put differently we’re getting an opportunity to rev up in our joyfulness. I offer that to us today as we wake up into our Awakened Bodies.

Step 1: Gratitude Practice

All right. Here we are. Let’s arrive and settle right in. You want to sit in a comfortably seated way. Sit right in to the sturdiness of our bodies.

We want to take the first three breaths of this ten breath cycle just to fully arrive. Hopefully, I’m finding you in your regular practice space. The human body is very cued by habit, by physical surroundings, so you want to start your day in the same place when you settle into meditation practice. Let’s inhale, deeply. Lengthen the spine, expand the collarbone and let’s open the mouth, drop the jaw, exhale out the mouth, a little bit of sound, pouring your weight down into your pelvic bowl singing, sinking your roots deep into the earth.

Everything here on planet earth is growing or dying; you are growing or dying. Let’s make today a growing day.

Let the inhale expand the space around the heart center creating a clean open canvas onto which your gratitudes can arise.

Now just like this flower has to dig down deep in its arid environment to draw up water from the earth in that same way dig down,let your gratitude rise.

Let it be for the small simple pleasures, those little things that make you happy that help you to feel vitally alive.

Each inhale, allow a new “thank you” to fill the fullness of the interior of you.

Step 2: Body Scan

The second stage of our morning practice is a 10-breath body scan. Breathing more and more into this vast openness that we’re cultivating today, focusing now. We tend to start at the tip of the crown, but if that “drawing up” vibe was going well for you you can also always start from the root. Casting the light of your loving attention, piece by piece over the body. Beginning from this place — “here I am in this body, just as it is, no judgments, just coming to fully be with who I am, where I am, how I am today, casting the light of awareness as it moves over the body, noticing areas of tightness the physical pain, of feelings, of numbness, energetic density. As your attention is held in a particular place, just having a sense of curiosity.

This is the work of walking in the Awakened Body, giving our bodies the due loving attention they deserve and as a result allowing them to be our guides in our process of healing and transformation.

Step 3: Prayer or Setting Intentions

It’s time now for ten long deep breaths, setting your intentions for this day.

At Awakened Body, we do attention setting through prayer.

The ability to pray, to ask for what you want and need, is so important.

Right now, let your body speak. Let it speak to you of its truth, of the memories it holds, of the ways that it hears the still small voice that is breathing you now to life.

You might choose to whisper your prayers.

You might choose to tag them with a single word.

You always have the option as you exit meditation to open up your  and expand on what arises for you now.Awakened Body Daily Practice Journal and expand on what arises for you now. and expand on what arises for you now.

Now, as we’re ready, we’ll let take our last breath cycle together. Inhaling eyes open, heart open. You could even expand the arms open…

Exhale long and deep feeling your aliveness today.

May this be a beautiful day.

Blessings on your way.

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