Waking Up into Your Awakened Body on March 1, 2022

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Today is Tuesday the first day of the month of march the 28th of the first adar on the Hebrew calendar and we are here to wake up together into our awaken bodies this is a 10 minute 30 breath morning practice today is the first day of march and i want to congratulate those of you who have decided to take on a spring cleanse there's two different recommended timelines for a spring cleanse some folks who are jewish and who are moved by the ritual of the counting of the omer will hold off and cleanse in alignment with the omer but if you want to cleanse and have the summit of that experience be the spring equinox that takes place in three weeks then this is the time to start so you can learn more about that at awakenbody.org let's wake up together into our awakened bodies

i trust that i'm finding you now in your home altar space you want to turn this morning practice into a habit just like brushing your teeth so even if you don't necessarily feel like doing it if you can get yourself to that practice space the visual cues and the sensory cues of the space can help you drop into practice let's arrive here now let's settle into our bodies and let's take three warm-up breaths just to arrive so you want to close the eyes and sit up nice and tall take a deep breath in grow taller and feel the crown stretching towards the sky let's exhale with an open mouth drop the draw a little bit of sound

cleansing release oriented breaths for these first three breaths of arrival and as we inhale
we feel the chest expand feel the shoulder blades expand exhale breath of release sending roots down into the earth
we're going to take 10 long cleansing breaths inviting gratitude into our awareness ten breaths to scan the body and ten breaths setting our intentions for today long deep breaths you can work with a rhythm of eight counts to inhale four counts hold on full eight counts to exhale four counts holding on empty
and so as you're ready

begin now to invite your sense of gratitude to fill the interior of you
you want to let gratitude rise up just like ground waters rise you want to let it well up in us sometimes to do that we reach down in and we touch into some of our other emotions so we're certainly going to make space for those as we practice today so even if it's sometimes necessary to tell
those other more fraught feelings that you'll be back with them in just a moment inviting gratitude to arise
let it be concrete and specific
drop into the felt sense of the small blessings in your life
and let's take the next inhale to just feel our length through the torso experiencing the spine as a ladder that links the earth and the heavens bringing the awareness now to the upper parts of you to the crown opening the energy portal at the crown of the head and inviting source energy to pour into the center line
lighting you up
tree of life
visualizing this pure white light we want to use it to scan the body
and this is where we asked parts of ourself to be patient this is where we want to let the fullness of whoever we are and however we are today
for these ten breaths we give our felt sense
the fullness of our loving attention
i am here as my own advocate
i am here a source of love and support
for the various parts of me
using this white light like a scanner let it scan the body tip the head forehead over the face moving slowly down noticing how am i feeling today
are there parts of me that are asking for my attention in the form of pain
other parts of me that feel giddy with life
just noticing
as you come to a rich area if you have time to hold here and give a full 10 breaths to that part of you
to lay your energetic hands upon it
to offer your compassionate listening
to the story that this part of you is asking to tell
and if not then you can just tag it and make a note after practice in your awaken body daily practice journal
holding on to the awareness
this part of you is churning some deep lesson of your life
it will welcome your loving attention
and now whatever our body scan has revealed let's direct our attention to the day that is about to unfold for us
let's be determined to have this day be a day of growth of flourishing
of bravery
with now with these ten breaths setting your intentions for today
let them come in the form of prayer
ask for help with the ways that you want to grow today
you want to heal today
and as we come to the end of our 10 minutes together i'll ask you to join me in placing hands on the heart

and let's send the equanimity we've cultivated here to those thousands and tens and hundreds of thousands and what might become millions of refugees that are being forced now to flee their homes in Ukraine or to fight with their lives for the right to be free
for the right to self-determination spiritual practice like this is a luxury
we don't have the space to do it if our basic needs for safety security food and shelter not met so bowing our heads in gratitude that you and i have had the safety to practice in this way and sending our deep prayers for the immediate return to peace
in Ukraine and in the world can you get some blessings on your way.
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