Waking Up into Your Awakened Body on March 3, 2022

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Today is Thursday the 3rd of March. It is the first day of the second adar on the Hebrew calendar and we are here to wake up together into our awakened bodies this is a 10-minute 30-breath morning practice we're going to take 10 long intentional breaths in gratitude give ourselves 10 breaths to scan the body and take 10 breaths to set our intention for today what a challenging week this has been for those who love peace and autonomy and thriving those of us who believe that to be alive is a blessing and all beings deserve the right and the freedom to simply live grow heal create and love those around them so let's dedicate our practice this morning to the people of ukraine who are defending their rights to freedom and let's get started so we always begin with three cleansing breaths just to get warmed up just to arrive you want to sit down and drop immediately into a comfortable seated position bring your attention to the feeling of the breath entering and leaving the body

Let's take this next inhale to lengthen the spine breathe in deeply grow up tall feel the crown stretch upward and let's exhale out an open mouth drop the jaw a little bit of sound breath of release
two more breaths like that inhale to lengthen you want the spine to be proud and erect the shoulders soft down the back exhale and release sending your weight down into the pelvic bowl planting roots deep in the earth
inhale lengthen
and as we exhale we are centered and ready to begin our first 10 breath cycle these are long spacious intentional breaths
inhale gratitude you can count eight beats on your inhale
hold it full for four
and a long spacious exhale for eight
and hold and empty
breathing in this way we open space in the heart hope and space in our awareness for our gratitude to aris 
visualize yourself as the tree of life you are a tree of life
roots planted deep into the earth
branches stretching to the heavens
now draw up from the stuff that is
you your sense of gratitude
each of the next five breaths
allow the attention to hold with one simple blessing
let it be for the little things
practice noticing the good
even alongside that which is complicated or painful
and as you're ready we'll begin to transition to the second component of our learning practice allow your branches your upper roots to stretch and extend well beyond the boundary of your physical body
allow your ketter your crown
to be in the expansiveness of end soft of the limitless
and now call upon your capacity for awareness
your bridge between the limitless and the world of embodiment
we open the portal of the crown and now invite source energy
to flow in
to cross the bridge from the unified to the manifest
to fill the particular
portal that is you
you always have the option for t these 10 breaths just to breathe in receiving this source light
it's beautiful to do this practice actually out in the sunshine and let it be sunlight that's pouring down the center energy line or you can imagine yourself basking in the sun
and if you're feeling well resourced today then use that light to scan the body
if the first stage of our practice is rooting and noticing the good the second stage is meant to make space for the complexity of who we are
use these ten breaths to give the gift of your attention to what your body is holding as you start this new march and our day
what are those parts of you that are pulsing with life
and what are the parts of you that are in pain
where that light of unified source
can't quite penetrate to the depths where we can feel it warming us from within
and as you land on an area of tightness or increased density in the body
you just want to make a note of it
it's best to make a note of it in a place where you can remember and track after practice
and for now continue our scan
moving down the body
these areas of pain of density of resistance to the light they are
our sacred work for this day
so having touched into the parts of you that are still growing that are not yet whole and healed
use that felt sense now to set your intentions for today
ask for help from your guardians
ask your help from higher power
let this be a day of growth of healing
make space for yourself your own precious transformation
amidst the obligations of this day
seal your prayer by affirming today i will feel and whatever it is you need
today will be a day for
growth healing thriving
a day that is a gift and a blessing in my life and in the lives of those i touch today have a beautiful day blessings on your way

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