Waking Up Into Your Awakened Body

14.02.22 11:05 AM Comment(s) By Awakened Body

February 14, 2022 - Valentine's Day

Today is Monday, February 14th. We are here to wake up together into our Awakened Bodies. The sun is in Aquarius. The moon is in Cancer. These are beautiful energies to commemorate the secular holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. We can wake up into these energies feeling the soulful part of our self in the spaciousness of Aquarius, inspired and free, and the emotional parts of ourselves in the softening that Cancer brings. It is a beautiful dual energy to wake up into today.

Let’s do it.

Part I: 10 Breaths in Gratitude

Here we are settled in our regular morning practice space. If you don’t have one, go and get yourself one. You want to use the body’s inclination towards habit to serve you. I just love this blooming bougainvillea. This is my mom’s favorite flower so I can dedicate this morning practice to her.

There are so many kinds of love…

Here we are, ready to open our hearts, ready to root the soulful parts of ourselves, our upper three  in the energy, the open spacious airy energy of aquarius and just really open and soften the heart in that Cancer energy, sephirot in the energy, the open spacious airy energy of aquarius and just really open and soften the heart in that Cancer energy.

Let’s drop in. 

We’re going to do ten breaths in gratitude, ten breaths of a body scan and ten breaths in intention setting or prayer for this day. Let’s inhale and lengthen the spine let the eyes be closed gently. Let the forehead be soft. We might rest the tip of the tongue on the back of the teeth to just soften the face. Exhale open the mouth drop the jaw release and send your weight downward. Pour the fullness of you into the container of your pelvic bowl, rooting down into the earth. Always take your first three breaths of this thirty-breath practice just to arrive. Be here now. Recollect yourself from sleep. Recollect yourself from the drama of yesterday.

Just be in the stillness of this new day.

With each of our next five inhales, we’ll breathe in deeply in gratitude.

We’re using our thinking mind here to call to mind blessings in our lives, coexisting as they most likely are with struggle. We have space enough for both to be true. Let this be about the simple pleasures. If the energy of Valentine’s day is with you, you can breathe in honor of your many loves.

Part II: 10 Breath Body Scan

As you make your way to your tenth exhale, root upwards. The Tree of Life is rooted in the material world and equally rooted with source energy. It is a tree with double roots.

Open the fontanel and invite source energy to pour in to the open channel that is your Awakened Body.

You always have the option to just take 10 breaths receiving this energy from source. On days that you might feel particularly depleted, visualizing pure white light pouring in, seeing your Awakened Body as a tree which is like a ladder that connects heaven and earth.

If you’re doing a body scan, you’ll use that white light like a scanner letting it kiss each of the parts of you, and having a sense of curiosity just noticing, the parts of your physical body that drink up that light and other parts that hold more resistance to the light.

The work the approach that practitioners with us in Awakened Body work with is getting to know these areas of resistance to the light, here just noticing them.

Part III: 10 Breaths to Set Intentions for Today

As you reach your tenth inhale, bow the head in gratitude to that source energy that you used for your body scan and root back down in the earth, letting your intentions for today well up like ground water, watering you now from below.

Let these be prayers. Have faith that when you, with your soul-self, drop into what you most want and need, that your desire is aligned with divine will.

Let today be an opportunity to move your life closer to the life you most want.

It might serve you to place the hands into a prayer mudra and let them rest on the space of the heart.

Breathing these ten breaths, calling in your highest good for today.

As you reach your 10th breath cycle, you can inhale the eyes open. Turn the corners of the lips upward (ie. smile) letting the body help you to invite in joyfulness may this be for you a day filled with love first and foremost self-love and love from all around blessings on your way.

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