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Waking Up Into Your Awakened Body

Today is Monday, February 14th. We are here to wake up together into our Awakened Bodies. The sun is in Aquarius. The moon is in Cancer. These are beautiful energies to commemorate the secular holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. We can wake up into these energies feeling the soulful part of our self i...

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Waking Up into Your Awakened Body

Good morning. I’m Sara from Awakened Body. Let’s wake up together now into our Awakened Bodies. Today is Friday, February, 11th. It is the 10th of the first Adar on the Hebrew calendar. 

We are making our way towards the full moon shining in the night sky and we are ready to start this day from ...

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Waking Up into Your Awakened Body on February 10, 2022

I am so grateful to be able to be here starting this day with you. This is a 10 minute 30 breath morning practice.

Today is February 10, 2022. It’s the 9th of the First Adar. We track at Awakened Body using the Hebrew calendar for two reasons. The first is that the primary energetic mapping that we u...

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Waking Up Into Your Awakened Body
Let's wake up now together into our Awakened Body. This is a simple 10-minute, 30-breath morning practice to start your day with spaciousness, with intention and to prime you for doing the work of walking in the Awakened Body. Today is Wednesday February 9th. I am seeing the buds of spring outside m...
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Waking Up on February 3, 2020

Today is Thursday, February 3rd, the second day of the Hebrew month of adar and we are here now to wake up into the Awakened Body. The sun is shining here in the holy land. 

Drop a comment let us know what it looks and feels like outside where you are because part of waking up into the and body ...

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