Seasonal Cleanse - FAQ

Why do seasonal cleanses last for 40 days (when the CLEAN program is 21 days)?

In the Hebrew Bible "40" is the quantity of time or duration that signifies rebirth. When the earth becomes filled with violence in the story of Noah and the flood, it takes 40 days of rain to wash things clean. Likewise, in the terrain of the body, a fetus develops into a baby over the course of 40 weeks. For this reason, Awakened Body cleanses take place over 40 days.

Do I have to follow all of the CLEAN (food) rules to do a Seasonal Cleanse?

The CLEAN Program, or the rigorous food aspects of the Seasonal Cleanse, are an important dimension of cultivating overall wellness.  Especially if you are doing touch-based or energetic work with an Awakened Body practitioner, a balanced diet is a prerequisite for your healing. Still, should you determine that this is not the right time for you to take on the full CLEAN program, you can still benefit from the mindfulness components of a Seasonal Cleanse. 

Help! I need more information and/or guidance about what and how to eat while cleansing.

The food aspects of your Seasonal Cleanse are part of the CLEAN Program. Purchase the book CLEAN here, and visit the CLEAN website for a bank of resources and supporting materials. Note: It is possible to significantly reduce the cooking burden of CLEAN by ordering supplements and products through the CLEAN website. However, we encourage you to take on the cooking if you can, as gathering and preparing whole foods is a rich dimension of your Seasonal Cleanse.

Help! My Seasonal Cleanse is bringing up some very strong emotions and/or reactions.

We are here for you. Please reach out via email or your WhatApp support community and share your experiences. If you've taken on a self-guided cleanse, this is the time to reach out to your cleansing buddy. You might also choose to schedule an additional 1-1 check in session with an Awakened Body coach. 

We take on a seasonal cleanse because we want it to be transformational. But, it's important to distinguish between productive transformation, health concerns and non-productive overwhelm. If you are consistently unable to answer "Yes" to 75% of the questions on your "Cleanse Quick-Check List," you might consider altering your food choices. We're happy to help.

If you are in days 3-9 of the cleanse, it is likely that you are wrestling with food addictions you might have not been previously aware of.  Push on, making use of the "cravings" coaching and "mindful eating" coaching videos. What is around the bend is a quality of natural energy that you've been missing. This hurdle is why you are cleansing.

If challenging or overwhelming emotional and/or spiritual issues have arisen for you as a part of your journaling process, we encourage you to schedule a 1-1 session today. We are here for you.