Awakened Body Introductory Series

a gift for body and soul, in three parts


We will vision your healing session together during a short video session. At that time, you can ask any questions you have about the Awakened Body experience.


Over the course of 75 minutes  you will receive an indulgent Swedish Massage. Together, we will practice the art of Deep Body Listening to mine the body for the wisdom it is keeping for you. Sessions are customized to meet your particular needs. 


Following your session, you will receive a customized guided meditation to support you in integrating your body's wisdom into your life. 

About Your Session

What actually happens at an Awakened Body Hands-on Healing session? What does it feel like?

How does Healing Happen?

1-1 work with Awakened Body therapists draw upon modalities of deep body listening, energetic therapy, prayer and narrative therapy to support your thriving.

Meet the Founder, Sara Brandes

Awakened Body founder Sara Brandes shares her earliest experiences with the Awakened Body from childhood.