Start Your Day

Setting an intention for your day is your most important superpower. Let Awakened Body guide you in finding the morning practice that's right for you.

40 days of rain.
​40 years in the desert.
​40 weeks of a pregnancy.
​40 is the time it takes to become something new.
​Are you ready?

Home Altar

Human beings are creatures of habit. Set up a personal sanctuary known as a home altar, where you can come when you need to practice the art of deep body listening. Let me show you how.

Can you spare 10 minutes to wake up into your Awakened Body?

10 Breaths in Gratitude
10 Breaths to for a Body Scan 
10 Breaths to set intentions for your day.

Mid-day Breathwork

Join me for five minutes of alternate nostril breathing, to balance mind and body, increase alertness and fire you up at midday.